The most convenient superfood in the world

Bananas are the number 1 fruit in the world – the annual production exceeds 120ml tons! This is one of the best and healthiest snacks that are loved not only by athletes, but also by children and the elderly. One hand movement is enough to tear off the skin and taste their sweet flesh. Put a banana in your bag or backpack and enjoy your snack anytime.

Free from fat and cholesterol

High in potassium

Natural protection of the flesh

Easy to

Source of vitamins

Energy for
the day


When to eat a banana?

Bananas are amazing fruits that change their nutritional properties depending on the degree of ripeness. Do you prefer a hard, tart taste or maybe an extremely sweet and soft fruit?

Delicious Catalina bananas have it all!

A source of prebiotics for the intestines

High in fiber

High level of antioxidants

The highest content of vitamins and minerals

The biggest amount of sugar

Najwygodniejszy superfood na świecie
Kiedy jeść banana?